Driver Licence Checks

A key part of running a fleet of any type – car, van, truck, minibus or 4×4 – is making sure that your employees drive legally with a valid driving licence, and a quick driver licence check is all you need. As an employer, it is your duty of care to ensure that professional drivers, company car scheme ‘opt out’ drivers, grey fleet and pool car users are appropriately licensed and insured to drive. This ensures that in the event of an incident, risks for the employee and employer are mitigated and compliance improved.


How driver licence checking works

Agility Fleet can verify your drivers’ licences directly with the DVLA database and in the case of an unlicensed driver, we will contact you immediately. This provides you with the peace of mind that your drivers’ licences are valid.

In order to complete the driver licence check, you as an employer are required to gain the permission of each employee. Once the employee has signed to authorise the checks, this authority will remain valid for three years.

After the employee’s first licence check, additional checks are automatically scheduled. The frequency of this check can either be based on your company policy or each driver’s risk profile. For example; we would recommend checking drivers at low risk only twice per year; however, for high risk drivers (drivers with six points or more) we would recommend monthly checks are scheduled.

Research from the AA shows that 1 in 650 drivers are driving while disqualified, and 1 in 300 have a revoked or expiring license*.  This means that, unless your organisation validates the licence against the DVLA’s own database, you may be exposed to additional risk, and not be compliant with your duty of care responsibilities.


What are the benefits of driver licence checks by Agility Fleet?

Conducting a driver licence check and gaining validation can bring a number of benefits to your business, including:

  • Reduced risk of misinterpreted information, fraud and dishonesty
  • Confidence that your drivers are appropriately licensed and insured
  • Avoidance of potential fines under corporate manslaughter and health and safety legislation


*Source: AA DriveTech Fleet Risk Management Document “Driving For Work”