Have Low Emission Zones Affected you or your Business?

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Measures are being put in places to discourage vehicles that are known to pollute the air from entering certain areas where air quality is already poor. Therefore, the Low Emission Zones (LEZs) have come into force, these LEZs have become increasing more popular due to increased awareness from politicians and concerned environmental groups.

There are several Low Emission Zones already in place across the UK which can be found within; London, Brighton, Norwich, Nottingham and Oxford. Except for London, buses are only affected. However, if pollution levels worsen more cities are looking to increase the LEZs to include a wider range of vehicles including cars and vans.

Low Emission Zones in London cover the majority of Greater London and operates 24 hours a day. There is further information on London LEVs and the difference between Congestions Zones and whether your vehicle will pass through an LEZ incurring charges online at the Transport For London here.

Electric Vehicle is changing in street.

Due to these changes within cities and the constant review on the vehicles that are included within an LEZ, Agility have assisted several businesses with supplying alternative fuelled vehicles to help promote and improve an organisations overall carbon footprint helping businesses achieve a Go Green outlook not only to their Fleet but also across their organisation.

With Eco Solutions from Agility Fleet your organisation will benefit from having a proactive approach to establishing an eco fleet without being forced by legislation to make changes, overall an eco friendly company car policy can have positive effects not only on reducing the organisations overall cost but it will also provide additional benefits for your drivers, such as a reduction in tax and fuel costs.

With scrappage schemes more readily available businesses can change to more fuel-efficient vehicles or alternate fuel vehicles with less worries. London’s latest Van scrappage scheme in a bid to clean up the air quality within London has caused an increase into the demand on alternative fuelled vehicles. If you require any advice and support to help implement schemes within your business to improve your environmental performance whether it is through our Eco Solutions or if you just need assistance with sourcing an alternative fuelled vehicle Agility Fleet are here to support you.


For more information on what alternative fuelled vehicles we have to offer or to enquire about or Eco Solution service please call us on 01527 571605 or email info@agilityfleet.com

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