Vehicle Funding

Agility Fleet have a range of funding solutions available to help you get the right vehicle on terms that work for you.

For Businesses:

Our most popular funding option is Business Contract Hire with Maintenance, but we also offer a number of other options including Flexible Leasing, Finance Lease, Contract Purchase and Short Term Rental.

For Personal:

We also offer a range of personal vehicle funding solutions including Personal Contract Purchase and Personal Contract Hire.

For more information on each of these services please click on the links below or call Agility Fleet on 01527 571605 where an advisor will be delighted to assist.

Contract Hire

Business contract hire is a simple and cost-effective way to fund your company vehicles.

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Contract Purchase

Vehicle contract purchasing is a form of vehicle funding for VAT registered companies that want to own their vehicles whilst avoiding the risk of depreciating assets.

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Finance Lease

Finance lease, or fleet lease, is a form of vehicle funding where the vehicle is the property of the finance company, whilst effectively being hired out to the business.

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Flexible Leasing

Flexible leasing with Agility Fleet is a risk free method of fleet leasing for your business when you require flexibility with contact term and mileage.

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Sale & Leaseback

Sale and leaseback with Agility Fleet is a hassle-free solution for your business that allows you to make the easy transition from purchased vehicles to contract hire, with the added benefit of releasing cash back into your business.

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Whole Life Costs

We know it makes sense to be fully aware of the total cost of running a vehicle. However, in reality, most of our customers were unaware of the true cost of operating their vehicles before they came to Agility Fleet.

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Personal Leasing

Personal contract hire cars are similar to business contract hire vehicles, but the solution applies exclusively to private individuals.

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