Sale & Leaseback

Sale and Leaseback with Agility Fleet is a hassle-free solution for your business that allows you to make the easy transition from purchased vehicles to Contract Hire, with the added benefit of releasing cash back into your business.

We will purchase your fleet at an agreed market value and then lease the vehicles back to you for a fixed contract period and mileage, until the vehicles are due to be replaced or disposed of.

Sale and Leaseback enables you to change your current vehicle funding arrangements without any hassle to your drivers as they continue to drive their existing vehicles.

Benefits of Sale and Leaseback

  • Fixed costs for your fleet – easier budgeting and forecasting together with cash flow benefits
  • Cash injection for your business
  • Maintenance is included and you have total control of your fleet expenditure
  • Vehicle depreciation risks removed
  • No hassle or time-consuming problems with selling your used vehicles
  • Drivers stay in their current vehicles
  • Tax advantages for cars with low CO2 emissions
  • Reduced internal administration of your fleet – allow us to manage your fleet on your behalf, while you focus on your core business activities

Every company has a different reason for wanting to change their fleet policy and there is not one fixed answer for all businesses. It could be a time issue, which sees you spending too long on purchasing and disposing of your vehicles. It could be the high cost of running the fleet both in terms of maintenance and fuel costs. Or perhaps a cash injection is required to help fund growth or a product launch. Whatever your needs, a change of policy through sale and leaseback could be the perfect solution.