Whole Life Costs

We know it makes sense to be fully aware of the total cost of running a vehicle. However, in reality, most of our customers were unaware of the true cost of operating their vehicles before they came to Agility Fleet. After talking to us about Whole Life Costs, customers were able to fully understand the overall running cost of a vehicle over its expected contract term.

Pardon the pun, but we go the extra mile in explaining whole life costs; there’s no point in simply calculating vehicle running costs, insurance and national insurance contribution without explaining the impact of these clearly and concisely to you, the customer. Our aim is to provide a clear picture to enable you to make an informed decision about which vehicles are right for your business. For instance, what may initially appear to be a more expensive vehicle rental could have certain cost-efficiencies, which actually make it a more appealing option. At Agility Fleet we will supply you with this information as part of our Fleet Review or Whole Life Cost Analysis.

Benefits of Whole Life Cost Analysis

  • A transparent understanding of all the costs associated with running a fleet (including fuel costs) which makes purchasing decisions simple, as well as making budgeting easier
  • Reviewing current fleet polices and vehicle choices can be completed with less hassle for you
  • Vehicles that initially may appear too expensive could actually be a viable option
  • Providing your drivers with more appropriate vehicles has the effect of giving them a payrise without actually costing you anything –as they get the benefit of increased fuel efficiency and lower BIK taxation