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At Agility Fleet, we take a holistic approach to helping our clients operate their fleet of company vehicles. This rounded approach means we provide a comprehensive cradle-to-grave service including vehicle funding and fleet management plus a host of other services.

Our fleet review service provides our clients with an in depth report analysing how they operate their current fleet, making recommendations for improvement.

For clients wanting to ‘go green’ we have a number of eco fleet solutions available and to complement our offering, we can provide company fuel cards and fleet telematics services.

Fleet Review

A fleet review from Agility will analyse how you currently operate your fleet and make recommendations for improvement.

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Eco Solutions

In recent years, measures have been introduced to lower the UK’s carbon footprint. As a result, a number of tax breaks have been implemented to ensure that operating an eco-friendly fleet is an appealing prospect to organisations.

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Ex-Lease Cars For Sale

As a privately owned leasing company we often have a number of ex-lease cars for sale, and we dispose of the majority of our vehicles direct to retail buyers and independent traders.

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Fuel Cards

Even with the smallest fleet, receipts can flood your desk making fuel expenditure virtually impossible to control.

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Fleet car telematics is a way of collecting and transmitting important information including vehicle location and status, driver identity, fuel usage, distances travelled and trip start and end points to a main point of contact in your business.

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In addition to cars and vans, we also offer leasing solutions for the MINIBUS LITE – a ground-breaking, multi-person vehicle that can be driven without the need for a specialist minibus licence.

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Vehicles Conversions

Agility Fleet’s experience in contract management and fleet management is not just restricted to cars. We have a dedicated light commercial vehicle (LCV) specialist division too.

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