Eco Solutions

In recent years, measures have been introduced to lower the UK’s carbon footprint. As a result, a number of tax breaks have been implemented to ensure that operating an eco-friendly fleet is an appealing prospect to organisations.

With the changes to ‘Benefit in Kind’ legislation and increases in fuel duty, there’s no doubt that environmental issues are playing a more influential role in the business arena.

At Agility Fleet, we have a range of eco fleet solutions that can help your business operate a more cost-effective, greener fleet, including:

  • Detailed environmental analysis of your existing fleet – with recommendations to give you a greener eco fleet policy
  • Advice and support to help you implement schemes within your business that save money and improve environmental performance
  • Recommendations on how to reduce business mileage
  • Analysis of whole life costs to manage your vehicle policy
  • More fuel-efficient cars – helping both your organisation and your drivers save money


What are the benefits of our eco fleet solutions?

  • A proactive approach to establishing an eco fleet, rather than being forced by legislation
  • Improved corporate image
  • Avoidance of congestion charges, reduction in fuel bills and overall cost savings
  • An eco-friendly company car policy can have the effect of giving your drivers a pay increase as their ‘Benefit in Kind’ tax bills and fuel costs reduce