Vehicles Conversions

Agility Fleet’s experience in contract management and fleet management is not just restricted to cars. We have a dedicated light commercial vehicle (LCV) specialist division too.

When it comes to commercial vehicles, we are experts in the industry. Managing bespoke build and customisation is at the core of what we do.

Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience, bringing together knowledge and technical expertise to provide you with the best vehicle to do the job. We supply vans for all kinds of purposes, from plumbers to recovery vehicles and beyond. We don’t just supply a standard van with a pack, we can design and build the right van for your individual requirements.


Delivering the right vehicle for the right job

The first thing our van specialists do is listen to what you want and expect from a commercial vehicle, and take time to understand what you will be using it for.

Issues such as types of load (bulk or weight), storage, security, economy and whether the vehicle will be used in urban or motorway environments are all taken into consideration.

Only when we have a detailed profile will we make our recommendations. We do our best to match your requirements, and can even deliver vans pre ad-wrapped if required.